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Explore Your Instinct with Amazfit T-Rex Pro

Amazfit T-Rex Pro launched by Amazon. With Amazfit T-Rex Pro, explore your instinct. It is built with military-grade toughness along with 10 ATM water resistance quality. Amazfit T-Rex Pro has a rough and ready design. Its endurance is made to match your own. With a tough and solid design, Amazfit T-Rex Pro has distinct angles.

It has also passed the 15 military-grade tests. Amazfit T-Rex Pro can compete with you through hot deserts, polar glaciers, and humid rainforests. It is tough from the inside out and is a titanic combination of strength, practicality, and comfort. Its outer bezel has a rich texture of light 60g watch body as it undergoes a metal-spraying process. Lets dive deep into the features of Amazfit T-Rex Pro.


Experience a crystal-clear clarity of the 1.3-inch HD AMOLED color screen. It has an always-on display mode that ensures that you don’t need to pause your activity to check important notifications. So, get crystal-clear clarity and explore your instinct with Amazfit T-Rex Pro.

Skin-friendly Strap

The amazing Amazfit T-Rex Pro is made by a skin-friendly silicone strap. It has a sweat-wicking design that ensures it remains dry and comfortable.

Your Exploration Partner

Face whatever comes in your way when you hit the path because you have your exploration partner, Amazfit T-Rex Pro. It supports four Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Amazfit T-Rex Pro has a weather tracker, sunrise and sunset monitor, current moon phase display, barometric altimeter, etc. It has also got a compass and an ultra-long 18-day battery life along with 100 different sports modes.

Explore the Unknown

With the four Global Navigation Satellite Systems of Amazfit T-Rex Pro, you can explore the unknown. You’ll always know where you are with Amazfit T-Rex Pro. So, get ready to explore the unknown with the Amazfit T-rex Pro.

Make a Splash & Ride the Tide

Amazfit T-Rex Pro has a 10 ATM grade that allows you to make a splash and ride the tide. It is water-resistant to a depth of up to 100 meteres2, so you can swim, surf, etc. And you can also explore the mystical underwater world.

Ascend Safely

With Amazfit T-Rex Pro, you can travel in high-altitude areas safely. You can ascend safely with Blood-Oxygen Saturation Measurement. You can do the Blood-Oxygen Saturation Test anywhere you feel comfortable to protect your body with Amazfit t-Rex Pro.

Track Your Every Move

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro allows you to exercise to the fullest and track your every mode. It has a 100 sports mode that helps you to monitor critical data like distance traveled, heart rate, etc. You can also check your movement speed, calories burned in real-time to help you track your athletic activity.

Stay Fit & Protect Your Health

You can keep your progress ticking with heart rate monitoring. Also get personalized with PAI, the health assistant system. So, stay fit and protect your health with Amazfit T-Rex Pro. So, explore your instinct with Amazfit T-rex Pro.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The heart rate monitoring feature of Amazfit T-Rex Pro ensures you keep your progress ticking. It allows 24 hours heart rate monitoring and provides you instant alerts for high heart rate. The heart is an important organ so take care of your heart with Amazfit T-Rex Pro. Get to know your heart rate variability (HRV) throughout the time and monitor your stress level. Protect your heart with Amazfit T-Rex Pro.

Get Personalized Evaluations

Amazfit T-Rex Pro allows you to get personalized evaluations with PAI, your health assessment system. PAI uses an algorithm to transfer complex information like heart rate, and other health data. PAI of Amazfit T-Rex Pro supports most of the workout modes anytime, anywhere. It also makes a customized health evaluation for every user. So, get your personalized evaluations with PAI.

Sleep Quality Monitoring

Amazfit T-Rex Pro offers you sleep quality monitoring which allows you to understand your rest. Amazfit T-Rex Pro can understand various sleep states like light, deep, and REM sleep stages. So, understand your rest and sleep with Amazfit T-Rex Pro.

Get Your Ultimate Personal Assistant

Be notified of every incoming text or call, scheduled meetings, and alarms with Amazfit T-Rex Pro. It acts as your assistant and prevents you from forgetting any important notification. You can also play music on your mobile phone via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite song.

Hence, this was all about Amazfit T-Rex Pro. And if you want to explore your instinct then shop for Amazfit T-Rex Pro now at the Amazon store. Have a wonderful shopping.

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